Ferrasys is an IT-corporation based in Nacka, Sweden, offering B2B-services to everyone. The company was founded by Cristy and Sakke Ferraris 2016. The couple wanted to found a corporation that could bridge the supply of Asia with the demand of the Nordics within IT-services.

Today we are targeting the Nordics market with consultancy, development and maintenence services while offering products and services from our partners.

Ferrasys is part of the organization Swedish IT and Telecom Industries and therefor we follow their ethical guidelines in our business. These are described here below.


We offer equal employment opportunities to all individuals. We are committed to achieve diversity and strive to avoid any form of discrimination. The tool we use is to implement appropriate processes that identify and correct any instances of discrimination. By actively promoting diversity, we create the opportunity to develop our employees, our organisation and our business. 

A good working environment

Our employees are important to us and we care about each individual’s work situation, health, comfort and development. We apply zero tolerance towards all forms of harassment, both internally and when we interact with those around us. Together with each of our employees we shall promote conditions that create an appropriate work-life balance.

Sustainable development

We will contribute to sustainable development by always respecting the environment, conserving natural resources and minimising our footprint. Our goal is that our business should have the smallest possible environmental impact. The business shall comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations. We will actively emphasise the environmental benefit of our products and services and will in this way contribute to our customers’ sustainability work. We welcome and  encourage initiatives to achieve this goal from employees, customers and partners.

Intellectual property rights

We will follow and respect applicable national laws and regulations as well as international conventions and treaties relating to the protection of intellectual property rights. This means that we must always respect the
intellectual property rights of others, and therefore produce and deliver our products and/or services without any unauthorized use or infringement of the intellectual property rights or trade secrets of others. We encourage innovation and continuous development with due regard
to the intellectual property rights of owners, inventors and innovators.

Child labour

We do not tolerate child labour or the performance of work through force or the threat of force under any circumstances. A child’s right to education should not be impeded or compromised.
We are aware that child labour exists and have a longterm ambition to contribute to a world in which no child has to work or be used for another party’s financial gain. Each member company is responsible for ensuring, to the greatest possible extent, that child labour is not used by its subcontractors.

Bribery and corruption

We shall contribute to a society where there is strong trust in companies, the business community, the market economy and the rule of law. We  shall therefore strive to promote high ethical standards in commercial
relationships and shall actively discourage bribery and other forms of corruption that may affect our business relationships.


We wish to create and maintain a high level of trust in the industry as a whole. We therefore strive to uphold personal integrity as well as the integrity of the company when our products and services are used. This means that we process information and data about individuals,
businesses and organisations with due care, and take steps to prevent leaks and disclosures of sensitive information.


We believe that free market-based competition is a prerequisite for growth and development. As a stakeholder in the market, we work to promote healthy competition and shall follow best marketing practices. Our information to customers and the market must always be clear in its content and shall never be deliberately misleading or ambiguous. With regard to collaboration within the industry, we follow the Competition Guidelines set out by the Swedish IT and Telecom Industries.